Decoding Bias: Steven Christian On The Role Of Immersive Technology in Fighting Bias - May 11, 2021
What role can immersive technologies play in reducing bias and empowering marginalized communities? Using visuals from his latest projects, the owner of Iltopia Studios will discuss how he is harnessing augmented reality to help Black communities share stories, counter stereotypes and champion causes.
Portland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem depends on creative community - Apr 12, 2021
Voices of XR: Steven Christian - March 17, 2021
I was honored to speak at the University of Rochester about Interdisciplinary Approaches to Problem Solving with Innovation and Emerging Technology. I spoke about the work I do with animation, augmented reality, and storytelling to explore my identity as a Black creator and the Black experience in America .
Wall Street Journal: The Future of Everything Festival
I was asked to speak at the Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival about how emerging technology can be used to empower Black Voices.
‘Create and conquer’ - Voices of XR - University of Rochester 
I was asked to speak at the University of Rochester about Interdisciplinary Approaches to Problem Solving through Innovation, Creativity, and Emerging Technology.
Future Prairie Radio S4E3: What Speaks to Me
Medical student, retired football player, and augmented reality artist Steven Christian on making Black stories available to children of all ages, reading skill and comprehension level, making time for everything you love, and getting big dreams to come true.
Revisionist Path Episode:381 - January 11, 2021
Steven Christian’s motto is “create and conquer”, and that’s exactly what he’s managed to do with his career. While he started out as an athlete, a sports injury cause him to discover visual art, and he has reinvented himself as a multitalented cartoonist, podcaster, animator, and AR mobile developer. Oh, and he’s studying to apply to medical school. Talk about Black excellence!
Unity for Humanities Summit
Changemaker Showcase - Inclusive Storytelling
Exploring Blackness with innovative storytelling - Oct 22, 2020
In this video, creatives share how they are using immersive technology to tell their stories and inspire radical social change.
Failed Hustler Podcast - October 19, 2020
In this episode, I spoke with Steven Christian the owner of iltopia. We talked about him being cut from college football team due to injury which changed his entire career path. Now he is a self-taught XR developer and applying for medical school in his free time.
This is the Failed Hustler Podcast, episode #21.
XR Talk: Episode 19 - Making AR for comic books - June 17, 2020
AWE Nite 2020: AR - A force For Social Change - June 29, 2020
Driven by recent events, this meetup is focused on how the AR community and tech can help increase inclusion of black entrepreneurs and creators in the XR industry, and will showcase work by black entrepreneurs, creators, and activists followed by a panel with Q&A.
Beaver Tales Podcast - April 22, 2020
Football is only one small part of Steven Christian's story. The former OSU defensive back spent much of his six years of collegiate athletics rehabbing from hip injuries, so he turned to a new outlet: art. As a talented illustrator he has produced comics, animated cartoons and augmented reality books as well as blogs, podcasts and more. His work is online at 
Colleges spend millions to recruit student athletes - March 1, 2019
Chasing Paper: The College Debt Crisis - October 1, 2014
Chasing Paper: Athletic scholarships -- full-ride, not a free ride - September 24, 2014
Chasing Paper: Athletic scholarships -- full-ride, not a free ride - September 24, 2014
Oregon State Football Days
KEZI 9 Sports In Hawai'i: Steven Christian's Career Comes Full Circle - December 20,2013
Beavers Set to Battle Warriors Saturday - Sep 3, 2013

Steven Christian Post-Practice (9/4/13) - September 4, 2013

OSU Safety Steven Christian Nominated for Prestigious Off-the-Field Honor - August 15, 2013
After mono diagnosis, Steven Christian working to get healthy - August 07, 2013
Allstate, American Football Coaches Association Announce Record 151 Nominees for College Football's Top Community Service Award - July 16, 2013
Oregon State's Steven Christian granted sixth season - March 14, 2013
Warrior Beat - University of Hawaii Football
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