I started Iltopia Studios as a platform to tell stories and improve access to those stories. I pulled from concepts like Instagram and twitter that implemented the infinite scroll feature and added my twist to it. One of the problems many webcomics have is that they have not adapted to the mobile device. People are not clicking through pages on their phone, they are scrolling until they get to the end. So the question for me was: how do I make something that allows me to scale my webcomic, but also provide something that will encourage consumption. 

What was the role:
UX/UI Design, Illustration, Web Design, Creative Writing, and Branding

What was the process:
I played around with ideas and website builders but ended up using WordPress as the platform because it is scalable with increased traffic. I drafted a sketch in Photoshop of the various section of the home page. I began building the visuals from old illustrations and color schemes I used to show a fun, quirky presentation. I liked color and contrast, so I wanted to make sure that was the first thing people saw as they scrolled. 

My goal for the website was to be a one stop shop for all things I produce for the series. That includes blogs and live-streams. I incorporated a live feed into the homepage so anyone can tune in upon entry.

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