This was my first speaking engagement. It was great especially because I really started doing work in AR and activism after seeing the landscape over the Summer. I was watching a variety of Ted Talks, and it was surreal to be included in the conversations with a variety of people I was looking to for inspiration.
This is the recording of AWE Nite NYC meetup on zoom - June 23rd 2020 
Driven by recent events, this meetup is focused on how the AR community and tech can help increase inclusion of black entrepreneurs and creators in the XR industry, and will showcase work by black entrepreneurs, creators, and activists followed by a panel with Q&A. 
1) Ori Inbar (founder of AWE and Super Ventures) - Introduction: how AR is already becoming a force for social change, supporting demonstrations and increasing awareness to BLM. 
2) Steven Christian - A former football player and future medical doctor; currently - a fantastic comic book creator that uses AR to bring to life his animation and for activism 
3) Chris Lafayette - Emergent Technologist in medtech, virtual & augmented reality which just launched a Black Technology Mentorship program. 
4) April Boyd-Noronha - Board member at XR for accessibility and lead Cyber XR Coalition 
5) Glenn Cantave and Idris Brewster (Movers and Shakers NYC) - a nonprofit that uses augmented reality to highlight underrepresented narratives. They create educational content for schools, cultural institutions, and the people. 
6) Panel Moderator with above speakers: Jalina Stewart - Mixed reality producer 
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