Black Realities Grant Winner 
RACC Project Grant 
 Portland Incubator Experiment 
Since the pandemic, I have been looking for ways to incorporate technology into the tangible experience. After a deep exploration, I began to learn and utilize augmented reality. By creating a visual narrative about quirky adventures and incorporating augmented reality and technology, I make books more intriguing for readers and increase access to culturally relevant stories. Through this technology, I am developing a project that allows you to read the books like regular graphic novels, watch the books like an animated video, and listen to the books like a podcast or audio book. This means that the book becomes more accessible to readers regardless of if they are a strong reader or not, and literacy is further encouraged.
The augmented reality app interfaces with the series seamlessly to bring the characters to life in the real world. You can see the characters dance, do photo-ops, and interact with stories in immersive ways. Eyelnd Feevr goes beyond the pages of a book; it is an experience that promotes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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