I am developing a series of online courses and projects that introduce augmented reality to non-tech Black, and Brown communities. I come from a culture rich in expression, but that expression is limited in reach. Whether it be painting, dancing, or singing, the opportunities for self expression and creating experiences during COVID-19 have relegated Black and Brown creators to videos and music. The amount of opportunities to express through technology pale in comparison to the opportunities in traditional entertainment. As a creator that has a background in both, but also the cultural competency to know how culture is expressed, my work focuses on seamlessly applying technology to enhance the cultural expression. I use technology to bridge the gaps between traditional virtual mediums to create immersive experiences. Augmented reality has amazing applications in the work that I do because it is a container that stimulates all the users senses without removing them from the real world. More importantly the opportunities in the augmented reality industry opens doors for new career opportunities. My approach to teaching augmented reality is focused on Black and Brown creators that have no tech background. They may use digital tools in their work, but they are not coders and developers. The courses I teach give them the basic knowledge they need to build mobile apps that expand the reach of their creative works as well as the skill to not only be in the entertainment industry, but also the tech industry. Emerging technologies have a notorious record for evolving without including Black and Brown communities. That has social and economic consequences that negatively impact their career opportunities. My goal is to disrupt that by lowering the bar of entry into this space. 

All courses and classes are project based and culturally relevant to Black and Brown communities. They all have interactive components that require minimal code. They focus on using the technology to create applicable experiences rather than arbitrary skills.
Course list: 
Augmented reality apps without code
Activism through Art and Technology
Augmented Reality Apparel
Enhancing drawing, painting, and illustration with AR
Combating illiteracy with Augmented Reality
Make augmented reality puzzles
Gamifying a pencil drawing with augmented reality
Make books read to you with Augmented Reality
Create Mobile apps to enhance your Art
Create puzzles that come to life
How to make Augmented Stickers, Posters, Comics, Business Cards, T-Shirts and more with Animation and Gamification from start to finish
Enhance your Storytelling with Augmented Reality

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